rst2html5slides - Presentations from restructuredtext files¶

Presentations based on web frameworks such as impress.js, jmpress.js and deck.js are great alternatives to traditional software packages:

  1. HTML, CSS and javascript files are plain text files and thus they are friendly to version control, making easy to follow and visualize their changes between revisions;
  2. There is a separation between content and presentation design
  3. They have new and great visual effects such as slide transitions and positional effects
  4. A web presentation is portable. It runs on any modern browser

On the other hand, creating presentations directly in HTML is painful. A better approach is to use another markup language that is easier to read and write, and then translate the text to HTML.

I could have listed or cooked up a few reasons to justify reStructuredText as the best choice. The truth is that the best markup language is the one you already know. So, if you also use reStructuredText in other projects or contexts, then rst2html5slides is perfect for you to create your presentations.